Kitchen is the heart of home and is never a space dedicated just for cooking. It brings the family together and it is a great place to eat and share great moments. That’s why its beauty and functionality must be well balanced and there is no doubt that countertops have a big part of that responsibility. Those surfaces can be a truly piece of art but also it will be your work space for all the tasks that take place in your kitchen.

Quartz has become one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops but what makes it the big favorite?

It has 3 top features: durable, elegant and stylish.

The minimalist trend has put white quartz in the spotlight, making it the king of quartz.

Maybe you could be thinking twice about a white countertop because of the risk of getting stained, but we want to give you more than one reason to give it a chance.

Incredible Durability

This is a top quality material that, compared with others (cheaper and more expensive), tends to last longer, keeping its beauty and dealing with everyday usage. Our quartz countertops brands come with long-term warranty.

Really easy to clean, even if you choose white.

Quartz is durable and non-porous and that makes it anti-stain. But more than that, whatever you could spill on it will be easy to remove. 

Superior Resistance

Our top brands as pompeii quartz are heat resistant and also resistant stains, chemicals and acids, cracking, chipping, scratching and abrasion.

Why White?

It is a timeless color that can match with any style of design and decor. It is always trendy and you can’t go wrong with it. White quartz will add elegance to your space and will make everything look lighter and bigger. It also will combine with any color you choose for your cabinets, backsplash and other appliances.

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