The sink is a key piece in Kitchen Design because its interaction with the fridge and cook station will define the layout and cabinets placement.

We suggest choosing it as one of the first steps of your remodeling process.

But, what do you need to know to do it right?

Define your kitchen style: When you are clear about the look you want to get all the next steps will come easily. We recommend creating moodboards using tools such as Pinterest or magazines and design books. References will give you ideas and will show you what fits with your style, and that includes the sink material, color, and other features.

The stainless steel sink has been the king for decades, because of its affordability and durability, but new trends are always around and you must check if you connect with them.

Define your preferences in functionality: A sink can be a single or double bowl and you must decide with your workflow needs and the space in mind. 

Take measurements: the right measures are everything, and it will define you minimum cabinet size to install your sink and the countertop depth for your kitchen.

When you are starting your kitchen remodeling project everything could be overwhelming, but you will count on us to help you and advise you in all the process. 

At La Toscana Imports we have an experienced and very talented team of designers to guide you step by step.

Book a visit and let’s start your kitchen design.