1. A Poorly Designed Layout.

A well-planned layout is crucial to any bathroom space so we highly recommend to spend time mapping out or sketching the placement of fixtures such as the toilet, basin, shower and bath. Keep in mind the toilet location can have stricter limitations due to the pipework and waste, especially in apartments, so keep this in mind.

A poorly designed bathroom layout can be a huge mistake affecting both the aesthetics and flow of the space. Try and ensure the first wall or thing you see upon entering is pleasing to the eye, so perhaps your basin or bath, with an accent tile or beautiful mirror and light.

2. Poor Ventilation

Ventilation is essential in a bathroom and should always be considered when planning a renovation or a new space.

There are a few technical things to keep in mind: First of all, ventilation will likely need to go on an outside wall, as this is the easiest place to install and you may also want to link this in with your lighting.

There are many ventilation systems available on the market now: quiet ones, ones that detect moisture and heavy-duty versions, too. Make sure you consider all the options that could be right for your bathroom.

3. Poor Drainage

Drainage is a critical point to keep in mind. The most common mistakes are about issues with bathroom makeovers and these are usually down to poor workmanship and incorrect installation.

Draining issues can be the biggest problem especially if the gradient isn’t right for the space. It’s important to choose a design that is right for your room size.

4. Not Enough Storage.

A bathroom may look amazing, but does it function well and have enough storage? Think about what daily activities you do in the bathroom and all the possible things you want to store away. Hairdryers, cosmetics, toilet paper?

You could choose drawer storage for your vanity for easy access as well as hidden storage behind shaving cabinets or recessed cupboards. If you’re working with a small space, storage is even more crucial, so research clever tricks to add storage without impacting the flow.

5. Poor Lighting.

Bathroom lighting needs to be adaptable to serve the many uses that it has, from a room where you wash and get ready in the morning to a calming space in which to relax in at the end of the day.

Poor lighting in the bathroom can ruin the feel so don’t forget a lighting plan, and it doesn’t have to be one or two stock standard downlights. There are beautiful bathroom-friendly wall sconces or mirror lighting options available. Just check regulations with your electrician regarding distances from wet areas and splash zones. You could also look to add a skylight overhead to help flood the space with natural light or update your windows for added function and aesthetic.

6. An Unrealistic Budget (always add 5-10%).

You need to remain realistic about your budget and add a contingency plan (5-10%) should there be a need for extra work or preparation, especially with older homes or apartments. You will find labour and preparation consume at least half or more of the renovation budget, then add fittings, fixtures, and tiles.

Drainage and preparation for waterproofing are key as well as ensuring the pipes are updated, and make sure you’re only using qualified registered trades. Can you imagine completing your bathroom and tiling only to find issues with the pipes? A costly mistake!

7. Work with the wrong people

Bathroom remodelings can be challenging, there are so many things to keep in mind, such as spatial awareness, the right materials, and your design and installation team must be highly skilled. 

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